A community underpinned by a shared vision and shared values.

When you join the IGP you become a member of an exceptional group of ‘doers and thinkers’ across a range of fields, from business, technology and entrepreneurship, to policy, law and environment.

This is a community committed to advancing sustainable prosperity with a passion for entrepreneurial solutions and collective problem-solving.

You’ll be part of a community of peers who stay connected, offer each other advice and share successes throughout their careers.

What is unique about the IGP approach to PhD training?

  • We have a strong focus on innovative interdisciplinary research that can advance global prosperity.
  • We will encourage you to collaborate with peers, colleagues from other disciplines and various citizen participants and stakeholder organisations.
  • We will invite you to leverage our extensive network of internal and external contacts, including our foremost partners within the UCL and the social impact sector, as well as overseas partners.
  • You will also be able to enjoy practical skills training via the Bartlett and the UCL’s Doctoral School.

Designing your proposal

  • Your PhD research proposal is the central component of your application. We encourage you to invest significant time in making it as strong as possible.
  • The target length of a proposal is 2,000 to 2,500 words.
  • It should cover all key aspects of your planned study, from your core research question and the immediate research context to your intended theoretical and methodological approaches, followed by a list of relevant literature.
  • The proposal should make clear the foremost scholarly discipline(s) you wish to contribute to.
  • You should explain in detail how your research topic relates to IGP’s three core themes.
  • You may also wish to relate your proposal to one of our specific ongoing research projects.
  • In order to properly identify synergies between your proposal and the IGP’s work, we encourage you to contact a prospective supervisor well in advance of submitting your application