Lead the transition to an economic culture that is sustainable and fair.

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When you join the MSc Global Prosperity – an intensive one-year masters degree for transition leaders – you become a member of an exceptional group of doers and thinkers. This is a community committed to advancing prosperity in and across a range of fields from business, technology and entrepreneurship to policy, law and the environment. This is also a community where shared values combine with a passion for entrepreneurial solutions and collective problem-solving, drawing on a range of innovative strategies.

To enhance your skills during your time as an MSc in Global Prosperity student, we will provide you with both a formal academic curriculum and a supplementary skills and resilience curriculum. The formal curriculum comprises the core MSc modules, two options drawn from across UCL, and a dissertation project that allows you to explore a key interest in considerable depth. Drawing on existing IGP partnerships, leading experts and practitioners – such as Tim Jackson, Kate Raworth, Martin Wolf and Melissa Leach – will be invited to contribute to this course as guest lecturers. You will be allocated an academic supervisor who will support your work across all of these dimensions. The skills development curriculum will help you gain complementary skills and aptitudes through workshops, special weekly seminars and practitioner mentorship.


The programme is taught through a combination of lectures, classes and seminars by world-class academics and expert practitioners. It combines cutting edge academic knowledge on global problems with practical social innovation skills acquisition and peer-to-peer learning to address the most complex challenges for global prosperity.

Mode and duration

Full time: 1 year

Part time: Up to 5 years (typically, 2 years)

Application deadline

12 August 2016 for full-time students*

2 September 2016 for part-time students

*note that in some cases it is possible to subsequently switch between these modes of study

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See here for a slideshow introduction to the MSc by the programme director.

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