As part of a current research project on ‘collective creativity’ within London’s hubscape, led by Dr Tuukka Toivonen, we are developing an Innovation Diary Mobile Application to collect data on and map out individual entrepreneurship journeys. We are looking for partners to develop such an app with us.

The app will collect data that enables us to trace and map out an entrepreneur’s ‘innovation journey’ over a period of time by encouraging individuals to record various ‘creative episodes’ (such as milestones, key encounters, hires, important meetings, conversations, inspirational moments, events etc.). It will be a key tool in aggregating multiple data points and cross-reference journeys to provide a broader picture of the entrepreneurial landscape within London’s innovation ecosystem.

The quantitative data collected via the app will form the basis for a more in-depth qualitative investigation into the nature and scope of such ‘creative interactions’.

Some of the key specifications of the app are:

  • Available for free download on both iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Mechanism for easily and quickly capturing and reporting metadata (including geolocation, date, time, gender, nationality, ethnicity etc.) about significant events within the user’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • Mechanism for capturing data that can provide insights into the nature of interactions conducted over the course of each entrepreneurial journey (such as entrepreneurs’ experiences of an event)
  • Rating mechanism where users can assign (on a scale of 0 to 5) a value of importance or creativity to individual interactions and episodes
  • Visualization tools that allow users to quickly digest, share and leverage this data (desirable)

This is a non-commercial project geared towards generating benefits to all involved team members. There is a modest budget available relating to app development, but we are looking for partners who will benefit from the collection of the dataset and are interested in piloting an app for this research, which might serve the development of more advanced applications in future.

We’re hoping to start the design and development of the app in September 2016 with a view to alpha testing it in October.